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Our Mission: Our group is striving to create balance within ourselves as individuals and as a group. We want give back to the earth and to our community by donating our time to those in need. Also,

Samhain Incense and Oils

So in my hunt for recipes for Samhain, I came across a handful for incense and oils. I am always looking for ones that have ingredients that I actually have or are easy to find. I was

Samhain Soul Cakes

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Honoring Our Ancestors

As fall slips in and the veil is thinnest between the realms, my thoughts go to those members of my family who have passed on. This is the time of year I usually create an altar honoring

Gebo Rune

Pronounced: “Gay-boo” Literal Meaning: Gift Color Association: Dark Blue Casting Meaning: This rune is about gratitude and generosity. Overview: Gebo is the act of giving and receiving. It is a sacred balance that flows through us that

Magical Experimentation – Guest Blog

“What you are about witness is… An Experiment” On the subject of magical experimentation. A guest blog by Marquis Danbear. Let’s not lie, paganism and magic is not exactly an exact science. There is a reason it’s