Welcome to Trillium Moon!

Our Mission: Our group is striving to create balance within ourselves as individuals and as a group. We want give back to the earth and to our community by donating our time to those in need. Also,

Beltane Group Ritual

Cleanse Self: Each individual will be encouraged to cleanse themselves with smoke from sage in designated area or wash face & hands before entering circle. Entrance: Members line up at entrance to Circle HPS:    “How do you

Tarot – Justice

              The 11th card is that of Justice.  This card holds an important spot to encourage the examining of consequences.  As such it is often pictured with scales a woman who

Celebrate Beltane With Us!

Beltane/ May Day is upon us! Bring out the pole, the ribbons, the flowers, the fire, and the early morning celebrations. Beltane has some strong roots in the Irish customs, and May Day is still celebrated to

Introduction to Ogham: Irish Tree Divination Part 1

In this blog I would like to start to explore the divination system called the Ogham.  I am currently using the “Celtic Wisdom Sticks an Ogham Oracle” by Caitlin Matthews a well-known Celtic scholar and author.  The

Color: Pink

The color pink and I have always had a strained relationship until I became older. My earliest memory with pink was my grandmother trying to put it on me, and me taking it off time and time