Welcome to Trillium Moon!

Our Mission: Our group is striving to create balance within ourselves as individuals and as a group. We want give back to the earth and to our community by donating our time to those in need. Also,

The Crystal Mirror Shop

I was down in Salem for the day a couple weeks ago for a class I took. While down there I heard about a small pagan shop that had been in business for years and decided to

Mabon Harvest Pot Roast

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The Mabon Thankful Tree

Autumn is my favorite of the seasons. The leaves are starting to change and the temperatures are slowly starting to cool. Mother Earth is getting ready for her slumber while the harvests are being brought in. All

Kenaz Rune

Pronounced: “Kane-Awze” Literal Meaning: Torch Color Association: Light Red Casting Meaning: This rune is about illumination and fire. Overview: Kenaz is the light that guides our passions and creativity. It can burn fierce and bright allowing us

Handfasting Basket

I had a very good friend of mine get Handfasted the other day.  I was honored to be invited and part of the ceremony.  For those who don’t know, Handfasting is the pagan version of a wedding.