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Our Mission: Our group is striving to create balance within ourselves as individuals and as a group. We want give back to the earth and to our community by donating our time to those in need. Also,

Kickstarter: Arcana Playing Cards

So I’m going to try and set up a monthly Kickstarter or other project finding post based around pagan ideas. Here’s an interesting one to start us off. Arcana Playing Cards by Chris Ovdiyenko on Kickstarter is

Wunjo Rune

Pronounced: “Won-joe” Literal Meaning: Joy Color Association: Light Blue Casting Meaning: This rune is about joy, family, inner harmony, and well-being. Overview: Wunjo is a rune that speaks to a deep profound bond of joy and love

Imbolc Marigold Muffin Recipe

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Magickal Tools: The Drum

I’ve always been fascinated by the use of music in mysticism. A unifying beat used to bring cohesive gnosis within a circle or maybe a way to set the mood for a ritual. Throughout the years I

Twelve Herb Yule Sachet

What You’ll Need: 7 parts Juniper 4 parts Cinnamon 4 parts Allspice 4 parts Ginger 4 parts Caraway 2 parts Nutmeg 2 parts Rosemary 2 parts Lemon 2 parts Orange 1 part Clove 1 part Bay 2