Welcome to Trillium Moon!

Our Mission: Our group is striving to create balance within ourselves as individuals and as a group. We want give back to the earth and to our community by donating our time to those in need. Also,

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us here at Trillium Moon we want to take a moment to thank you for everything. Thank you for attending the discussions, reading our articles, going on our walks, and most importantly being a

Tarot: Death

  Death is often pictured as a skeleton riding a horse on a battlefield.  He usually has a scythe and occasionally carries a flag with a white lily flower pictured on it.  This card can scare some

Ogham: Beithe/Birch

Beithe or Birch is the first (feda) or letter of the Ogham alphabet. When you draw Beithe or Birch in a reading it represents new beginnings or potential. A time of purification and spiritual protection is coming

Tarot – Hanged Man

    The Hanged Man is often connected to the myth of Odin and the World Tree.  The idea of sacrificing for a goal is a basic understanding whether the sacrifice is of time studying or energy

Tualatin Hills Nature Park

This past Sunday, with the help of a regular at our meet ups, we launched our first pagan nature walk. It was a wonderful gathering of like-minded individuals. We met at the entrance to the Tualatin Hills